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What Are We Using To Cut The Grass?

Happy Saturday!

Have you ever fallen for peer pressure? Yeah, me too!  And in this week’s video we fell for it again.  It seems like all the other homesteaders have posted videos this week of trying to use an old fashioned scythe.  So, we dug the scythe out of the barn.  And tried it out…on video.  🙂

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Have an awesome weekend!



Grass Farming, Video

🎥 Ever Wonder What Our Mornings Are Like? 🐓

Have you even wondered what our typical morning looks like here at Never Done Homestead? I get asked all the time how we move all these animals every day.
Well, you don’t have to wonder any more because my sister, Anna, has made a video showing how we get everybody where they are supposed to be every morning.



Spring Piglets

While I was browsing our website today, I realized that we forgot to post about the new piglets. I mentioned this”problem”to Sarah, and she drafted me to write a piglet post.  Therefore, bear with me as I compose my first blog post. 🙂

Piglets? Yeah! Lots of them…22 to be exact!



Shanny, short for Shenandoah, had her piglets first.  They’re a week old today.

Such a proud mama pig


Our other sow, Tanya, had her 11 piglets two days ago.  She’s a very good mother!


For the first couple of days we like to give them a heat lamp in their “Piglet Box”.  After eating they head to the box to sleep.

Naturally Raised Pigs Sunbury PA

Non-GMO Feeder Pigs For Sale Sunbury PA

We still have five more pregnant pigs on the farm, so the fun is just beginning.

~ Anna

Never Done Homestead Sunbury PA