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Wrapping Up January with PIGLETS & a LAMB

Can you believe it’s the end of January already?!  Why, it feels like Christmas was just last week!

But before January is officially over, we have a couple things to share.

First, the piglets are here.  Well, some of them, anyway.  Anna tells me there are a BUNCH more on the way.  She and my younger sisters are going to be BUSY next month!


(I have to admit, pigs are not my thing. I really think they hate me. So, since my sisters don’t usually need my help in the pig barn, I focus more on the sheep, goats, and pastured chickens.)

And as if taking care of a bunch of grumpy pregnant pigs didn’t keep her busy enough, Anna has also been bottle feeding a baby lamb.  Our cousin had a sheep that rejected her lamb, so Anna agreed to take care of the baby.

Want to see all these cute babies?  Check out Anna’s video below!

Till next time, friend,




Spring Piglets

While I was browsing our website today, I realized that we forgot to post about the new piglets. I mentioned this”problem”to Sarah, and she drafted me to write a piglet post.  Therefore, bear with me as I compose my first blog post. 🙂

Piglets? Yeah! Lots of them…22 to be exact!



Shanny, short for Shenandoah, had her piglets first.  They’re a week old today.

Such a proud mama pig


Our other sow, Tanya, had her 11 piglets two days ago.  She’s a very good mother!


For the first couple of days we like to give them a heat lamp in their “Piglet Box”.  After eating they head to the box to sleep.

Naturally Raised Pigs Sunbury PA

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We still have five more pregnant pigs on the farm, so the fun is just beginning.

~ Anna

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