Feeder Pigs for sale Sunbury PA

Spring Piglets

While I was browsing our website today, I realized that we forgot to post about the new piglets. I mentioned this”problem”to Sarah, and she drafted me to write a piglet post.  Therefore, bear with me as I compose my first blog post. 🙂

Piglets? Yeah! Lots of them…22 to be exact!



Shanny, short for Shenandoah, had her piglets first.  They’re a week old today.

Such a proud mama pig


Our other sow, Tanya, had her 11 piglets two days ago.  She’s a very good mother!


For the first couple of days we like to give them a heat lamp in their “Piglet Box”.  After eating they head to the box to sleep.

Naturally Raised Pigs Sunbury PA

Non-GMO Feeder Pigs For Sale Sunbury PA

We still have five more pregnant pigs on the farm, so the fun is just beginning.

~ Anna

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