The Story Behind Never Done Homestead


Our Homestead started 29 years ago when we put in our first garden and raised our first steer. As our family grew, so did the size of our garden and our desire to grow more of our own food. As the children grew old enough to help, we slowly acquired different animals. We learned together how to care for and raise laying hens, pigs, and pastured meat chickens.

pastured chicken

When we realized others loved our chicken as much as we did, we printed our first order forms and started our family business selling pastured broiler chickens in 2001.

In 2003, life became a little too hectic to run a farming business.  Brian was working full time off the farm and building an addition on our home, and Lisa was busy caring for our seven children (including twin toddlers), homeschooling, and pregnant with our eighth child. We promised ourselves we’d just take one year off, but before we knew it, one year had stretched into 10.

Raising Dairy Goats Naturally Sunbury PA

But our kids had caught the farm animal bug, and during those 10 years, more animals came to the homestead. It started with the girls raising a few dairy goats, and then a milk cow and several bottle calves for beef. We built a barn and started making our own hay.  It was also during this time that baby #9 joined our family!

GMO-Free Naturally Raised Feeder Pigs Sunbury PA


Finally in 2013, we once again started selling pastured broilers, and the next year we added pastured turkeys.

Around that time we acquired our first two female pigs for breeding, and we started selling feeder pigs.

We finally gave our place its name, Never Done Homestead, in the spring of 2014.




Every year we grow a little more and learn a bunch more. We are never done learning, never done trying new things (and never done the laundry). This is Never Done Homestead!


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