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What Are We Using To Cut The Grass?

Happy Saturday!

Have you ever fallen for peer pressure? Yeah, me too!  And in this week’s video we fell for it again.  It seems like all the other homesteaders have posted videos this week of trying to use an old fashioned scythe.  So, we dug the scythe out of the barn.  And tried it out…on video.  🙂

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Have an awesome weekend!



Grass Farming, Video

Lots and Lots of Chicks! (153 to be exact!)

Good Morning from Never Done Homestead!

It’s a dreary, raining morning here, but we’ve made a short, cheery movie to brighten your day.  It’s filled with cute, baby peeps so it’s sure to make your morning happy!




The Pastured Broilers Are Growing


Pastured Chicken Sunbury Pa Northumberland County

Our meat chickens love being on pasture!  You should see how they gobble down the grass each morning after we move their shelters to a fresh square of pasture.

Northumberland county Pa Pastured Chicken

The grass is growing faster than the chickens can keep up with it.  Since meat chickens don’t like tall grass, we are grazing the grass shorter in front of the shelters with the goats and sheep.  The goats and sheep are enjoying the grass, and the chickens are happy: win, win!

Pastured Chicken For Sale Sunbury PA

We are still accepting orders if you are  interested in trying pastured chicken.  You’ll be amazed at the flavor! Click here for this year’s order form.


Spring Chicks

The first of the spring chicks are here! There are 153 Cornish Cross chicks and 10 Reich’s Golden Reds layer pullets in the brooder.

Pastured Poultry Chicks Sunbury Pa
Day One

I called the post office a little after 6 this morning, and confirmed that our chicks were there. The chicks must have been creating a lot of noise because the lady that answered the phone didn’t need to go check, she knew!

After Mom and Anna brought them home, Anna carefully transferred them from their shipping box into the brooder. She told me these chicks are very lively and healthy looking. Yay! (And why aren’t I out there seeing for myself? Half our family, including myself, is down with the flu.😕)

Future Pastured Poultry Sunbury PA
Future Pastured Poultry

At this age, the chicks don’t need much fussing over. In fact, too much fussing over them is stressful, and stress is amazingly detrimental to baby chicks. They just need a warm, dry place with plenty of food, water, and grit.

It’s now officially spring in my mind. There are chicks in the brooder.