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The Chicks Are Coming!

Do you know how to tame a piglet? This week, I figured it out   Piglets will do just about ANYTHING for eggs.  We kept six of the piglets that were born this winter for ourselves, and we are working on getting them people-friendly.  And, of course, we included them in the video for ya!

We have our first batch of chicks coming in the next few days, so one of the projects we filmed this week was cleaning out the brooder.

We are still taking pre-orders for our Pastured Chicken.  You can get more info about that HERE.

Oh, don’t miss the sneak peak at my sister, Laura’s, newest project.  More coming on that soon!

Hope you are enjoying your Saturday!



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Lots and Lots of Chicks! (153 to be exact!)

Good Morning from Never Done Homestead!

It’s a dreary, raining morning here, but we’ve made a short, cheery movie to brighten your day.  It’s filled with cute, baby peeps so it’s sure to make your morning happy!