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Tomato Jar 154 (and a New Stove)



The great tomato canning challenge is charging full steam ahead with the addition of this hardworking, industrial stove.  Yeah, isn’t it a beauty! It’s set up in Dad’s garage, so we are able to keep all the heat and steam of canning out of the kitchen.  I’ve canned with it twice now, and it’s a keeper, for sure.


Yesterday’s canner load brought our total to 154 quarts of tomatoes.  And the tomatoes are still ripening….


(The white spots on the tomatoes are from the hydrated lime we dusted the patch with for bug control.)

I don’t have any tomatoes to can today, but I’m going to be busy canning….sept-beans


What are you preserving?  I’d love to hear!  Let me know in a comment below!

I’m off to snap beans, Sarah




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