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The Great Tomato Canning Challenge

Never Done Homestead Eat Local

This gang eats a lot of food.  And every time one of the kids graduates to TEENHOOD, we also graduate up to a larger cooking pot.  Coincidental?

To keep these larger cooking pots full, we are constantly increasing our yearly canning goals.  Last year, we set a goal of 200 quarts of tomatoes.  We almost had to admit defeat, though, when our patch nearly failed.  But thanks to family, friends, and neighbors sharing their extra tomatoes, we reached our 200 qt. goal with tomatoes to spare.  So we set a second goal of 300 quarts and filled all those jars, too!  2015’s final tomato count was 307 quarts of tomatoes!

The Great Tomato Canning Challenge 2016

This year, our first goal is 300 quarts. We are well on our way with 124 quarts so far and lots of green tomatoes still to ripen in the patch!  Our tomato growing friends are bringing tomatoes, too, so the jars are filling quickly.  If we meet our first goal, our second goal is 500 quarts!

Let’s do it!

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