Feeder Pigs


Whether this is your homestead’s first time raising hogs, or your family farm has been raising hogs for generations, our feeder pigs are ready to get to work on your operation.

We sell feeder pigs twice each year: in early Spring (March/April) and Late Summer (July/August). Of course, we occasionally have a litter outside that time frame.

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All our sows are mix-bred hogs.

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Years ago when we started breeding hogs, our first sows were cross-bred hogs, and we really liked their form and vigorous growth.  These sows became the genetics with which we built our herd.  Our current breeding sows are the third generation from those first sows.

w-tag Newborn Piglets

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We try to raise our pigs as naturally as possible.  That means No GMO feeds, No Antibiotics, No chemical wormers.  We worm our sows using natural Wormwood herb and garlic.

Male feeder pigs will be castrated and are given a dose of tetanus antitoxin at the time of castration.

We wean our pigs at four weeks of age. We then hold them for one more week to make sure they are growing well after the stress of weaning.

Ready to raise your own bacon?

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