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Seaweed? In Our Pasture?

In this week’s video, we take a break from the pastured broiler chickens to show you the new lambs! So if you don’t like cute, fuzzy lambs….Wait, who doesn’t like lambs?

I also discuss how we keep our animals healthy without nasty chemicals. And why we have seaweed in our pasture.

Enjoy the video!

2 thoughts on “Seaweed? In Our Pasture?”

  1. I wish there was a LOVE button instead of LIKE. Ha ha. I loved the video. I hope you continue to post more like this.
    How did you start your wormwood? I assume it would be good for all wild mammals? I was thinking of parasites in the deer population here. I see where I can order seed online. Is there a problem with it being invasive or is that not an issue to be concerned about?


    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the video. We are hoping to post a video each week through this summer.
      We bought two plants originally years ago: one off eBay and one from a local nursery. I’ve never tried starting them from seed, but they grow readily from seed in our lawn around the flower bed where the main wormwood patch is. The way it readily reseeded, I suppose it could be invasive, but so far, I haven’t had any trouble. My main problem has been not having enough wormwood.

      I don’t know of any reason why it would be a problem for deer. But, I’ve heard it can be dangerous for pregnant animals. I’ve also read in OLD herbal books that it’s good for pregnancies that are having trouble. My theory is let the animal decide. She is only going to eat it if she and her baby need it.

      I’m hoping our local deer herd starts browsing it. I had a goat pick up a deer brain worm last year, so I know our deer are carrying them. (I treated the goat with wormwood, garlic, and a few other herbs and she made a complete recovery. Even I was shocked when she came around.)

      Hope this helps! Thanks so much for your comment!

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