February is for Butchering

We are currently being held in the icy grip of February, a memorably cold February.  Sunday night’s temp is going to be in the negatives!  But I’m not too unhappy about it.  In fact, I’m thrilled.  Before you think I’ve got a frostbitten brain, I should explain that there is one awfully large beef hanging in dad’s meat cooler AKA garage. Large is an understatement.  HUGE!   While we were skinning it out on Monday, we once again considered breeding smaller cows in the future. 😜 Cold weather like this is wonderful for chilling meat.  Actually, it’s a bit too cold, but we have a heater on a thermostat to keep the garage just above freezing.

02-2016 beef

So this weekend, we will be cutting roasts and grinding burger. A lot of it.  We will drink way too much hot coffee.  We will probably get lost as we try to find the different cuts that are in our butchering book. (But hopefully we are better at cutting roasts this year. Last year after searching in vain for the chuck roasts, we cut some odd roasts from the rump that we labeled Rump Chucks. Bet you never had one of those before!)

It’s going to be fun. 🙂

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